'Ethan is 5 years old and from a very young age always struggled with his sleep.  He had difficulty with both getting to sleep without us sitting or lying next to him and woke frequently throughout the night.  He suffered from severe food allergies and intolerances as a baby and toddler and also had extreme eczema especially on his face, which was a constant irritation to him.  We feel this began his sleep issues especially his inability to self-settle. After being recommended to Kathy we weren’t really sure what to expect as we knew very little about kinesiology.  Kathy has a beautiful calm, nurturing nature and very quickly built a repoire with Ethan and made him feel comfortable.  She used both her muscle testing diagnostic skills and gentle nature to get Ethan to try to verbalise and acknowledge his feelings and issues about sleep.  She gave us the tools we needed at home to reinforce what see had done to encourage improvement in his sleep.  We only attended for two sessions and have had remarkable success.  Ethan started school this year and is settling to sleep on his own quickly and it is now rare that we hear from him until morning.  We feel that the treatment that Kathy provided has been the turning point and catalyst for Ethan’s dramatic improvement in his sleep.  We can’t thank her enough for her time and dedication to her work.'

Natasha & Brad

Forever thankful parents

 'Kathy has changed my 7 year old son’s life. When he started with Kathy he was unable to read, write, socialize with children and was very reluctant to try new things. Within six months the transformation in his abilities is extraordinary.He is now reading and has completed the Premiers Reading Challenge; writing coherently, he writes stories and reads them to his class.The most heartwarming outcome of this journey is the friendships he is creating.Thanks to Kathy’s extensive knowledge, expertise and compassion my son has an incredible present and future.'


'I had been preparing for an Ironman event and my training increased, so too did the pain in my hip. While I have suffered from mild sciatica for 15+ plus years, it has been manageable. After visiting the doctor, being referred to a sports physiotherapist and undertaking frequent physiotherapy sessions without success, I was referred to Kinesiologist Kathy Carmuciano. After 1 session with Kathy I began to notice significant improvement with the pain and discomfort subsiding. Over 6 weeks and 1 further session, the pain was totally alleviated. Thanks to Kathy I was not only able to complete the training, but the sciatica has disappeared. Now I do not profess to understand Kinesiology, but Kathy was incredible. She was able to quickly identify probable causes and provide remedy. While an open mind is required, Kathy was able to achieve what physiotherapists couldn’t. I cannot recommend Kathy highly enough.'



'I began seeking Kathy's help in July 2010. I was in an extremely bad place dealing with Depression/Anxiety & Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I was struggling to keep my head above water and felt I needed a holistic approach to heal and recover. I was still listening to and seeking help from my GP working closely with him, but having Kinesiology combined in the mix. I honestly feel my journey to recovery was far less intrusive and a great deal gentler to my already fragile mind. I worked very hard. I had to be really strong and face my emotions, pain and fears as they arose, but with guidance from the beautiful Kathy I felt extremely safe and nurtured. Kinesiology is extremely therapeutic. I feel a huge shift of energy after each session. Stale, unwanted, negative energy is, I feel, replaced with positive, clean and healthy energy. I feel cleansed and lighter both physically and emotionally. When I leave Kathy's I feel as though my body has received a thorough service and tune up.' 


'I saw Kathy for Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), a condition that I had suffered from for over 20 years.In the Kinesiology session I was to learn that emotions from my past had impacted on my body and its functioning. Old grief and emotional pain, that I had carried, was released and my IBS symptoms disappeared. This session was over a decade ago and to this day my bowel continues to function normally.'